Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Techniques and Equipment required.

Personally planning this is something that does not come easily for me!
Hypothetically, I would update the AIS's style all together so there is no theme that I need to remain in keeping with.
Basic requirements will be:
My standard kit lens - 18-55mm for most studio shots (Chrome/glassware/location/HDR)
Perhaps a Macro lens borrowed from the store room (Macro shot)
Zoom lens -55-250mm for action shots (sport action shots etc)
I May also use a fish eye or wide angle lens for architectural purposes on location.
A tri-pod for panoramic and HDR shots
Studio tri-pods for studio work especially macro and glassware.

Now, clearly I have to address the requirements outlined in the assignment so my techniques will be based on these requirements.
GLASSWARE- Photographing an energy drink with movement in a clear glass to represent activeness/energy
CHROME- A sporting Trophy to represent achievement
MACRO- Perhaps sporting balls or equipment in a new light
PANORAMA- Some of the sporting arena's equipment
HDR- Maybe the stadium at Dawn or Dusk
BALANCING AMBIENT AND NATURAL LIGHT- perhaps an image of swimmers in an indoor pool.

I think it's important to understand that these plans could change at anytime due to trial and error, but these are the basis for my equipment and techniques.

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